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Jesper Dahl DC CCSP CCEP FRCC (sport)

  • Chiropractor

  • Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

  • Certified Chiropractic Extremity Physician

  • Member of the Royal College of Chiropractors

  • Fellow of the RCC Sports Faculty

  • International Lecturer

  • Functional Sports Medicine Practitioner

  • Recalibrate Wellbeing® Coach

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About Me
Chiropractor  -  Wellbeing Coach

I have worked and continue to work with athletes in sports as varied as tennis, athletics, martial arts and golf and of varied standards from weekend warriors to world champions and Major winners; the common characteristic between them all is the desire to get better.


In 2009 I was invited to work with a sports medicine company working with top professional golfers.  This meant travelling extensively to events on the European and US PGA Tours.

As the Clinical Director, I helped develop many protocols for optimising the performance of athletes and for dealing with the challenges of an often unrelenting lifestyle.

Although the company ceased trading in 2014, many of the protocols established within it continue to form the basis for therapy and conditioning for both professional golfers and many other individual athletes today. 

I still work with top-level professional golfers in the capacity of both their chiropractor and adviser on performance optimisation.  

But, as I now travel a lot less, I am also able to use the principles learnt with top-level athletes for the benefit of anyone who wants to optimise their life outside of that world.

I work as a chiropractor at Southcote Proactive Healthcare in Maidstone, UK, where I run clinics for athletes of all standards and provide second-opinion consultations for other practitioners.

This has also allowed me to study further methods of assessing and addressing any and all aspects of a person's lifestyle and the way they potentially affect the quality and execution of their lives.

This is the basis for 'Optimal Human Function' and the services it provides.

I lecture internationally on patient management and enjoy the challenge of making difficult material easy to understand both in a teaching situation but also on a daily basis with my patients.

The varied programme of lectures and seminars has been taught on all five continents and in settings from national conferences to much smaller group settings.

I look forward to working with you towards optimising your wellbeing, which - in turn - is bound to benefit all aspects of your life. 

A Side-note on My Own Story
A Health Practitioner with Health Problems

A recurring frustration during my career as a healthcare practitioner has been that my own health has failed me on more than one occasion.  

Are you a better or a worse physician when you seemingly are unable to 'heal thyself'?

  • Recurring digestive problems led to acute peritonitis 10 days before my first daughter was born.

  • 8 surgeries and numerous uncomfortable procedures have been done to initially save my life and then to try to shed light on what could be done to better understand and treat what was wrong.

  • I have seen lots of renowned specialists from lots of different fields, from healers to homoeopaths, from consultants to chiropractors. 

  • I have been on medicines that I would struggle to endorse for any of my own patients, and

  • I have had long periods when I couldn't stay well enough to keep others well let alone guarantee that I could help earn for the growing family at home.

I have had amazing people try to help me and I have luckily outlived some of their predictions.  I have also learned a lot from being the patient of many different physicians.  In fact, I feel better able to help others both from having observed but also experienced the journey of the frustrated 'walking unwell'.

Dr Ara Suppiah is an emergency medicine consultant and sports medicine specialist based in Orlando, Florida.

I worked with Ara on the US PGA tour and he was the inspiration for me to start my training in this field of 'functional medicine' or 'root cause medicine'; both terms incidentally that I feel only poorly cover the principles of this area of expertise.

When Ara formed Functional Sports Medicine, he gave me not only the tutoring and the tools to gain new insight into the health and wellbeing of my patients - but also into my own.  I am now on a journey that credibly will give stability in my own and my family's life for the future.  


Many other courses have since then further developed more specialised knowledge that is of use to me in my daily practice.

For me, this is a continuous journey of insights into how we can be on a credible journey towards optimal human function.

Herewith a huge thank you to everyone who has encouraged me to keep going throughout the years.