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Optimise Programme
Test    Coach    Perform    Repeat

Small changes can make a huge difference, but the real magic lies in continuing to make such small changes - or upgrades - to many different parts of your lifestyle and let the effects add up.

So change takes time, but this concierge plan will ensure you use the time as efficiently as possible.


The initial data collection includes your past medical history, your current symptoms, your current lifestyle including diet and exercise habits, as well as any goals you have for the short-, medium-, and long-term.

We will also perform standard 'functional medicine' tests to establish how all of your body systems are working and establish a priority for optimising how they can work better together.

By having regular contact, we will progress your journey towards your set goals through lifestyle coaching, advice on diet and supplements, and measurements of training efficiency or any other factor relevant to your current stage in the progression towards Optimal Human Function.

Test - assessing all the pillars of health and wellbeing

       •  The most comprehensive medical history you will ever have given.

       •  The most extensive tests your body will ever have had.

Coach - Monitoring and hand-holding to ensure progress

       •  Recommendations for lifestyle, diet and other interventions.

       •  Weekly sessions with structured coaching and educational content.

Perform - Progress will be measured in the values you define

       •  The goal will always be to succeed in the areas important to you.

Repeat - The process is repeated at 4-month intervals.

       •  Retest and reassess values and areas of stress shown in the previous testing regime.

       •  Any new area of interest identified through the previous 4 months.

This programme can run over a  4-month period with an initial assessment and a follow-up at the end 

- or a 12-month programme with 3 such cycles included in its progression. 

It lends itself very well to both individual as well as couple or small-group participation.