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Health Overview
You are more than your symptoms or diagnosis

If we allow ourselves to take two steps back and re-evaluate our symptoms in a greater context than the specific body function or system they pertain to, we can often gain new insights that will allow us to understand where they may actually be coming from - and what might have caused them.

Such a view also empowers and enables you to make changes to a number of different factors in your life from a position of understanding.

Getting healthier and happier is a process.  Sometimes, it is a long process.

But when you understand where you are and what needs to happen to get to where you would like to be, you can start enjoying each step.

Let's look at your current health from a position where everything can be put in a greater context.

I will review previous test results, correspondence and recommendations, and together we decide on the best course of action for you towards better health.

From a medication review - by a qualified pharmacist - to writing to your GP and/or consultants, to recommeding supplements or diet changes that specifically work for your condition.