Food Ingredients in Bowls

Food Intolerance
Nuts    Gluten    Seafood    Dairy    Colouring & Additives

Certain foods can hold you back from making progress with diets, supplements, and exercise regimes simply because your body will react against their presence in your system.

Using exclusion strategies to find out which foods are a part of this is not only difficult but also a soul-destroying endeavour, as more and more of your favourites are held up as suspects in your fight towards better health and wellbeing.

You will be pleased to know that it is now possible to categorically determine which foodstuffs are working against you without having to rely on long periods of diet restrictions.


The all-important factor in this type of test is to be able to interpret which foods may need removing or reducing in your diet and which may simply be irritants as part of other processes working their effect on you.  Information is only valuable when it is put in the correct context. 

Once you know which foodstuffs are foes and which can still be your friends, all the other initiatives around your diet and other lifestyle changes will be able to take effect much more efficiently.