Scaling the Rocks

Super Women
Students    Athletes    Home Makers    Corporate Executives

There is still a knowledge gap between the somewhat 'simple' male physiology and the female more nuanced body functions.  But, several researchers have now dedicated their time and careers to narrow and bridge this.  

This means we can assess the different phases of the menstrual cycle to help optimise

  • diet choices,

  • training, and

  • mental preparation.  


Again, this applies equally to students having to stay mentally sharp, to corporate executives with unrelenting agendas, as well as to female athletes training and preparing for important events.

Before we can do that, we may need to establish a reliable cycle in the first place and minimise the discomforts associated with its different stages.

If you struggle during certain parts of your cycle, I can give you further understanding of why that may be and usually settle these issues.

Then, we move towards making that same cycle work for and with you towards the goals you set for yourself.

It is possible to have your hormones work as your superpower - rather than your kryptonite.