A Closer Look

Tests for Health
Blood    Urine    Saliva    Sweat    Stools

Every Optimal Human Function interaction will start with an extensive history of your current complaints, everything about your current lifestyle, and the history of your health journey through life.  


Clues to where you are today may be in your past and in areas that wouldn't be obvious to either of us in isolation, but when held up against other factors, they may paint the picture of not only why you are where you are - but also shape part of the journey to get you back to where you want to be.

When such suspicions have been established, we can determine if more clinical information is needed.

This can be obtained through

  • physical examination protocols, and/or

  • laboratory tests of any system in your body, or 

  • monitoring of what you do to understand your body's reaction to it better

We have access to different labs - some local, some further afield - to examine all aspects of your body's health and wellbeing.

You may have access to some of these tests from other consultations you may have had, some you may be able to request through your GP, and some we may have to request from private providers.

Without a clear idea of what needs addressing, we would be guessing, and the reason we test is avoid doing too much of that.