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Diet is so much more than merely delivering sufficient energy to our bodies.

And, should rarely - if ever - be about restricting energy to it.


Macronutrients  - Fat, Protein, and Sugars - and micronutrients - Vitamins, Minerals, and other Cofactors - can both positively and negatively affect the ability of our bodies to perform and produce the desired outcomes.

Some types of stress increase your body's needs for certain nutrients and can also make it very difficult for it to benefit from an otherwise good diet.

Fat loss can be difficult and even undesirable as a primary objective in such situations.

Knowing the chemistry of digestion and the way food is used by your body will make it much clearer which strategies to use to increase health and wellbeing.

Things that are often presented as primary goals and desires when discussing diet, will become secondary and easy to obtain once a more natural chemical balance has been established.

Yes, there are general principles for a healthy diet; but it is the individual considerations that enable us to put together a plan of progression that covers your particular needs and satisfies your long-term goals.