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Top-level athletes demand conscious consideration of all the possible factors that can affect or optimise performance, and while I worked in that world, I chose to research as many of those factors as possible.

It became a fascinating journey through many - more or less evidence-based - initiatives and fads trying to establish which ones could add even a small margin.  

And, it soon became clear that ‘the basics’ done well was central to this principle.


Basically; optimal performance relies heavily on principles originating in wellbeing rather than any factor specific to any particular sport.

  • Nutrition and Digestion

  • Recovery and Sleep

  • Hormone and Nervous System Balance

  • Exercising for Health

  • Supplements when needed

From having to rationalise and defend the inclusion of any such criteria in an athlete’s regime, came the interest in validating and making sense of their relative contribution for optimal performance - both for the athlete but also for anyone wanting to optimise their performance in whatever areas in life that have become their chosen pursuit.

I now use the same assessments and methods of intervention as we did with 'million-dollar athletes' when we work on each and every one of our 'regular' clients.

You have access to the tests, methods of interpretation, and expertise in the areas that will make a difference to the way your body works for Optimal Human Function.

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Making the best use of all the possible channels

The past few years have seen many improvements in both channels of communication as well as the ability to use many tools from a distance and coordinate information effectively.

We make good use of all of these developments to make the journey toward Optimal Human Function as smooth as possible:

  • Symptom review questionnaires that you fill in online in advance of our initial meeting.

  • Personal fitness and/or diet tracker information can be shared and reviewed remotely.

  • Labs with international presence, so tests can be performed at virtually any place in the world.

There is no doubt about the value of face-to-face interactions, and I a great fan of being able to see the 'whites in your eyes'.


When it is suitable, we will use technology, but there will always be a great emphasis on a trusting relationship and personal responsibility.