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Personal and approachable healthcare

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Your best is yet to come

Many of my clients are in the second half of their life and assumed it would be downhill from there...

  • They are the dads whose kids start to outrun them.

  • The people who join a sports club and want to quit because they can't keep up.

  • The mums who struggle to prioritise themselves.

  • The women who reach Menopause and don't know where to find help.


Optimal Human Function was born from the idea that you are unique and everything about you needs to be taken into consideration. This is the most comprehensive wellbeing assessment you will ever take.


I take into account your whole history, your lifestyle, your habits, your nutrition. I operate with no bias and no assumptions, only the mission to help you feel like the best possible version of yourself. Not just free from symptoms, but better than you’ve ever felt before.

My services are for people who want to do more, feel better and worry less. Is that you? Learn more below.

Hi, I'm Jesper Dahl

I have always wanted healthcare to feel simpler and more trustworthy.  I enjoy offering a service that is accessible and personal, with the aim of helping you become the best possible version of yourself. 

I have set up a method that makes the process between where you are and where you want to be, smoother and more collaborative.

We work together to find solutions that suit you and your lifestyle.

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Getting healthier and happier is a process

You are more than your symptoms or diagnosis, and your symptoms rarely have a clear connection to the root causes.


  • The glands producing hormones are rarely the cause of hormonal imbalances.

  • Your allergies are not cured by eliminating the allergens from your life.

  • Your inability to heal from injury could be due to inefficient digestion.

  • Your headaches are not caused by the third child!

Getting healthier and happier is a process. Sometimes, it is a long process.

But, from a position of understanding, you can start enjoying each step.

Let's look at your current health and put everything in a greater context.

Together we then decide on the best course of action for you towards better health.

I can undertake or oversee any of the below:

  • Prescribe and review any biochemical testing needed.

  • Review your current medication - undertaken by a pharmacist.

  • Write to your GP and/or consultants to ensure everyone agrees on the best way forward.

  • Recommend diet changes or nutritional supplements that specifically work for your situation.


During the initial consultation, we establish your first steps and decide on a suitable schedule for how we work beyond that.

You can download this complimentary PDF to get a better idea of my services

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