Health Coaching modelled on Top-level Athletes
Is there more you want to achieve?
Tests for Health

With access to a full array of laboratory tests, we can assess how your body functions currently.

Super Women

Knowing how your hormonal cycles affect you - and how they could help you - is your unique weapon in any pursuit.

Optimise Programme

Regular testing and coaching to ensure the best and most successful journey towards better health and wellbeing.

Health Overview

A diagnosis - or lack of same - can cause frustration.  But often, the overall function of all of your body is overlooked.

My Approach

Most of my clients are not athletes. But, your approach to health and wellbeing can be just like the one they take.


I have chosen the best tools - from testing regimes to lifestyle and diet interventions - to help the clients I work with optimise their pursuits in life.  

These principles are equally sound, whether you are a top-level athlete, a keen home-maker, or a corporate high-flyer.

Using all relevant information from your past and present, we optimise the way you use your resources - including time and money - to make you the best performer on your personal stage or stadium; just like an athlete would prepare themselves for their flagship events.

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About me

I have 33 years of experience from seeing a varied population of clients in different parts of the world.

Especially working with some of the best athletes in the world has taught me strategies for the biggest impact on wellbeing and performance.

I look forward to helping you start the enjoyable journey towards a better you.

Testing, Coaching, & Counselling

Knowledge is power!

From the original tests that tell us where your system is struggling the most, to the rationale and reasoning behind every part of your journey back to Optimal Human Function.  

Such knowledge is crucial for you to understand where and how you best invest your time and resources toward better health and wellbeing.

Gut Function

Hormonal Balance




I am amazed how much of a difference understanding my body at the different parts of my cycle has made to my quality of life. 

Tracey   Age 37