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When your health is your whole world

Using the basics of wellbeing to achieve optimal results is equally relevant whether you are a keen homemaker, a corporate high-flyer, or a top-level athlete.

I spent seven years working and travelling with professional golfers full-time.

Within their team, I implemented small continuous upgrades to lifestyle and training regimes during tournaments and weeks away, and, as a result, we saw significant performance improvements. Although I no longer travel to that extent, I still work with athletes in this way from my UK-based clinic.


The Optimise Programme is, in fact, built on my experiences in that world. Still, if you are living an athletic lifestyle for performance optimisation, there are a few differences in how I recommend we work together.

Only a select few practitioners worldwide offer this type of niche solution.
It is usually restricted to athletes with an extensive and expensive team around them, but this package is designed so also performers without that luxury can benefit.


Test  •  Coach  •  Perform  •  Repeat

Every sportsman will be familiar with these stages of incremental adjustments towards optimal performance. Such change takes time, but we will agree on a plan that ensures you use the time as effectively as possible. This is achieved through Biochemical Testing, Lifestyle Coaching, Diet and Supplements, and any other assessments or monitoring relevant to your personal progression.


This is achieved through Lifestyle Coaching, Biochemical Testing, Diet and Supplements, and any other assessments relevant to your personal progression.

Test - Assessing all the pillars of health and wellbeing

  • The most comprehensive medical history you will ever have given.

  • Often followed by the most extensive testing regime your body will ever have had. In your scenario, we will proactively perform tests to ensure we can develop a plan with a different focus at different stages of the season.


Coach - Monitoring and hand-holding to ensure progress.

  • Recommendations for lifestyle, diet and other interventions.

  • 30-day protocols with a different focus as the programme progresses.

  • Typically weekly sessions with structured coaching and educational content. Again this depends on

  • your training and competition schedule and will intensify during some parts, leaving you to concentrate on performance in others.


Perform - Progress will be measured through the values you define.

  • The goal will always be to succeed in the areas important to you.

  • Working with your coaches to help define the relevant goals will be important for the different

  • stages of the season.


Repeat - Parts of the process are repeated at 4-month intervals.

  • Retest and reassess values and areas of stress shown in the previous testing regime.

  • Identify new areas of interest from the previous four months.

This programme ideally runs over a 12-month programme with three cycles as described above included in its progression. This option is the Transformation Package described here.

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