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Initial Consultation

I begin by sending you a Comprehensive Health Evaluation Questionnaire (CHEQ).


This structured tool allows me to collect your information and accurately assess your health, wellbeing, and current status. During this stage I would also ask you to send me any test results or other information relevant to your case.


After this, we will do the following;

  1. Pre-Consultation Assessment - I will review your medical history, previous lab tests, current diet and supplements, and metabolic health before our meeting.  (1 hour)

  2. Consultation - We review the above and ask more in-depth questions.  (45 minutes - online/face-to-face)

  3. Post-Consultation Wellbeing Strategy Design - After your consultation, I put together a personalised protocol tailored to your unique needs, including nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle recommendations, as well as any additional testing recommendations, if deemed necessary.  (1 hour)

  4. Wellbeing Strategy - Within a week I will send this to you; outlining all of my recommendations and instructions for moving forward with your health. 

  5. Post-Appointment Q&A - 1 week after your appointment, we connect again to answer any questions you have after reviewing your Wellbeing Strategy.  (15 minutes - online)

We may decide to continue our work together in even further depth, or you may want to start implementing the information independently. Either way, you will have step-by-step directions to start making progress. 


Investment: £295

Get Started


  2. I will review your forms and give you honest feedback on whether we’re a good fit.

  3. If that is the case, I will send you payment instructions, a link to the CHEQ, and we will schedule your consultation.

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