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Are you an athlete? You are to me!

Top-level athletes are outliers with talents that make them outstanding and unique.

But don’t forget, the rest of us share with them all the physical mechanisms they rely on to develop those talents.

Every human body is a finely tuned machine. It responds to any stress or stimulus in a way that makes sense to it at the time, either to simply survive or to optimise its coping capabilities when the same stress or stimulus presents itself again.

The way an athlete gets better at what they do is to regulate these stimuli through focused training, in a manner that encourages the body to improve.

If an injury were to happen during training, the healing mechanisms are amazing, but there is no long term benefit to continuously submitting the body to intense stressors.

Instead, athletes stimulate their body and their abilities to encourage gradual progression without breaking ‘the bank’ of hard-earned improvements from the training sessions before it.

This process is called athletic development.

Here comes the analogy to those of us who are not talented outliers:

Even if you haven’t got an affinity for sport, your body responds to stressors in the exact same way as the athlete’s.

In order for you to improve any aspect of your health, wellbeing, or performance you can take inspiration from the sports athlete by mimicking their approach; focused stimulation of the body.

This may initially be to heal your body, but you can then begin to improve the way your body improves - in a structured progression - towards a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled way to live your life.

We are all blessed with the human body and the mechanisms within it that athletes use to reach their goals. We can learn from their methods and decide what your own goals are and then allow the process to take place gradually from where you and your body are at this point in time.

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